About Us

About Us

Reconstructora Industrial Manufacturera Monterrey, S.A. de C.V. (RIMMSA) is a mexican company founded in the city of Monterrey in 1984 by a group of highly qualified engineers specialized in industrial services for the energy industry, including mechanical metal fabrications, industrial work, engineering, supplies and inspections.

  1. 1984

    First project with CFE

  2. 1988

    First project with PEMEX

  3. 1990

    First manufacturing project in México

  4. 1994

    ASME and NBIC
    Code stamps

  5. 1997

    First exporting project for manufacture in the USA

  6. 2005

    Grand opening of
    ASME Manufacture plant in Apodaca, NL

  7. 2012

    The start of
    collaboration accords with
    foreing companies

  8. 2014

    ISO 9001 and LAPEM


  9. 2015

    Start of operations in

    CGV Energy and RIMMSA USA

  10. 2016

    OHSAS 18001



We are a highly specialized and qualified company that performs engineering jobs, industrial work, and mechanical metal fabrications for both the energy industry and the industrial sector.


We strive to grow continuously and sustainably to consolidate ourselves as sector leaders, having the most professional and compromised personnel, the most efficient operative systems, healthy finances and a high level of compromise towards our employees, clients, and shareholders.


RIMMSA is a highly specialized and qualified business that performs industrial work and mechanical metal fabrications for the energy industry and the industrial sector. We are committed to customer service, the highest quality, the fulfillment of applicable norms, contractual requisites and the added value through the continuous betterment of our Quality Management System.

Human Capital

Our personnel has the competence, training, experience, and abilities needed for the execution of our projects.

We focus on training and improving the traits, attitudes and abilities that distinguish and define us, such as: Teamwork, Creativity, Customer Service, and Development of others.